Bachledova Dolina

Hotel Kinga Czorsztyn invites you to Discovery ski resort in Slovakia. We especially recommend Bachledova Ski& Fun, which is a dozen kilometers away from the hotel.


Bachledova Valley
The Bachledova Valley resort is located in a side of Valley, on the slopes of Spisz Magura. Ski runs are easy and medium. Zdiar is a peculiar mountains village located on the route of the High Tatras. The village is known for its folk architecture and ubiquitous folk.

Zima - Ośrodek Narciarski Bachledova

Mapa Bachledova zima 2018


Ośrodek Narciarski Bachledova ma w swojej ofercie:

Nazwa Typ Długość Przepustowość
A Gondola Bachledka ikona-vlek 1519 m 1734 os./h
B Tatralift 4-siedzenie ikona-zjazdovka 850 m 2400 os./h
D Tatrapoma F12 ikona-vlek 280 m 650  os./h
E Tatrapoma FP12 ikona-vlek 450 m 650 os./h
G Tatrapoma P ikona-vlek 180 m 460 os./h
H Obszar dla dzieci ikona-vlek 100 m 50 os./h
J Double Max ikona-vlek 1090 m 1200 os./h


The path in the Bachledka treetops is located in the heart of the majestic forests of the Pieniny National Park. We will show you what the nature of the Belianske Tatras is unique. Together wits us you will meet many Animals and plants that are very rare. The route with a length of over 600 m will take you through a varied forest, where you will Discovery a lot of surprises and learn many interesting facto. The view from 32 meter toer will make you Reach the oldest trees, some of which are older than us.

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